The answer is far more than you realize! The vast majority of salespeople are unsuccessful because they do not contact their prospects enough. Every salesperson struggles with getting great leads. The problem is most salespeople don’t know what to do with a great lead after they get it. Frankly, it reminds me of a dog chasing after a car. I’ve always wondered- what would they do if they actually did catch the car?

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We have to remember that sales is about interrupting people. I doubt you had anyone wake up this morning excited to know that you might call them. Prospecting is about interrupting; that’s the big issue salespeople must get over. The salesperson makes a couple of calls, but the prospect doesn’t respond. Quickly, the salesperson makes the conclusion that the prospects aren’t interested. Big mistake!

Why should the prospect get excited for your call? They don’t know you nor do they know what you sell and most of all, they don’t know what you can do for them. You can’t expect the prospect to suddenly realize who you are and how you can help them in a single message. There’s a reason why even the biggest consumer brands continually advertise. It’s simple! They know they need to if they want to remain a big brand. If Apple, Coke, Chevy and numerous other brands need to spend billions on advertising, there must be something we can learn. We need to create awareness and a lot of it! That means that we have to be willing to message the prospect far more than we used to.

When I say “message the prospect,” I’m not talking about email. I’m referring to using every possible medium the prospect may see and respond to. The telephone is definitely at the top of the list. Despite what many might say or think, it’s still a powerful prospecting tool, and its effectiveness increases when used in conjunction with email and other mediums.