It’s time to put to rest the idea that the only thing you need to do to grow your business is to provide excellent customer service to your existing customers. You believe great customer service alone will prompt your customers to tell others and then you’ll get all the customers you want? Wrong!

If you believe that, you still think WeWork is a $50 billion dollar company, Theranos is going to revolutionize health care and the New York Jets are going to win the Super Bowl. Nope! It’s a sales myth lazy salespeople allow themselves to believe, so they don’t have to prospect.

Watch this video:

I am all in favor of great customer service. Believe me, it’s essential if you want to stay in business. I also agree that the easiest way to increase business is with your existing customers; however, I don’t believe for a moment that that’s enough to really grow sales.

Sales is about creating incremental opportunities. That means actively prospecting to create new customers. It’s interesting to see that those people who don’t like doing this work are the ones who buy into this sales myth of only having to care for existing customers.

When we place our future on the status of existing customers, we give up control. Things might be great while the customer is growing, but just as a company can grow, they can also shrink. I can only imagine what the Sears salesperson who was committed to providing great customer service to grow their business is thinking today? Don’t bet your future based on a couple of customers who you think are great despite how good they might be today. It’s not enough! They alone won’t help you achieve long-term sustainable growth.